Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time honored Traditions

Back in 2004, Jiggle City was a different place. Gunslingers, gangsters, confidence men, and dope peddlers ran the street. The kind of place pious mothers threatened to send their naughty children, and the type of town unscrupulous mothers knew that their children would end up. One faint glimmer of hope still shone. One band of brothers believed in happier, more peaceful times, where those with badunkadunks could earnestly shake their junk, where music was made with more than machines. A place where the simple call of "polter" and the reply "geist" could echo across the land and into the hands of every empty heart.
Those men were the Good Friday Experiment. Four longhairs with a passion, and an opening slot at the Roxy Theatre in Atlanta for the My Morning Jacket show.

(due to label woes and missed deadlines, the audio for this performance is not available. please enjoy a chemically enhanced substitute.)

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