Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Auric Sight and Seen

If your eyes have been recently recepting a narrow range of frequencies of ElectroMagnetic vibration, we request your attendence at the "Fun Art Time" show by Squanto on the Saturday of November 22nd at Mint Gallery. Squanto has provided Noot with visual trancendence since our inception, and we intend to honor her this day with a bembe drum get together lead by IlÄ• Tambor. Your RGB sensors will be stretched well beyond the .3 to .7 micrometer standard, as spectrum itself may need redifining.  Come home to the gay tee pee and rest your astral body in a room of rainbow pillows.  You will then be covered by the starblanket, as translators of the Oracle will guide you upon your iced jose' tussin vision quest.  Don't miss it.

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