Monday, November 10, 2008

Pre-Millennium Tension: Good Friday Experiment 12/29/99

Dig it.  The last wednesday of the decade, century, millennium.  You remember?  Either the future was nearly here or the compruters were gonna shut down.  Was it stepping into tomorrow or Babylon?  Well, it didn't really happen overnight like it was sposed to, it was more of a slowly and surely thing.  Some real life national tragedies followed by travesty. Fiber optic bluffing, dollar bill turning to no-thing, innanet chaffing, and a quick trajectory to nathan. AND some real shit music to go along with it all.  I mean, we got worse music than the 80's in the 2000's.  But hey, didn't you feel a little light last week?   

I pulled this tune from the Beyond Failure blog and if you dig, the whole show is there, and a ton of other historical Atlanta musical adventures.  This here tune was a standard in the Mach 1 line up of Good Friday Experiment. It uses the key of D, which i think can be proven as the greatest key for drone on the guitar instrument.  As for rhythms, i would argue 3's and 6's are more shamanically trans-inducing than 2's and 4's, though not quite as easy to dance to.  What do you think?   

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J.Fever said...

I am starting to not twitch with embarrassment when I hear words like "homies" so the meds must be working.

but try not to "dis" me or you may not get the "props" that you deserve, but still trying not to get it "twisted"

fortunately only 2 of the quoted words are currently being used by Sean Hannity of Hannity and Colmes.
But who knows what the future holds only time will tell.