Thursday, November 13, 2008

This ain't no hay ride

You think loading up a 9 or 10 piece band into a cargo van and cruising around Music City is easy? Hell, its bad enough trying to get everybody together at home. But, we did it, and for a couple tacos and a liberal view on bar tabs, we'd take Blue Steel to your hometown too. The unfortunate thing about our ride is the high seat to cheeks ratio. Here, Crab Louie's face perfectly exemplifies how it feels to lose at Noot d' noot musical chairs.

Vistas. We're seriously considering adding a "scenic backdrop" requirement to our rider. Our man in Nashville, Joe Baine Colvert, put us up proper with flatscreens and Fat Tire, as well as this lovely view of Brentwood, Tennessee.

When Noot comes to town, it may be a good idea to go ahead and reserve the top floor of your local Irish pub in case the band needs to sit for a spell and unwind. Suggested recreational activities include darts, chess, checkers, and Jameson.

"Oh, and hey, um, Grimey's Records? This is Electro Siren. I think we're gonna be a little bit late for that in-store. Circuit Diva and I are all heeped up on Irish Coffee."


Erika said...

I would love it if you guys came through LA, but I really don't think they're ready for you. So I'll just come back to ATL. Are you guys playing any December shows in the city?

Bimbi Garraux said...

we play the highland ballroom on new years eve and we'll sneak you in the side hatch if we have to.

J.Fever said...

blessed love and greetings...

Great to see the movements! I remember the different incarnations of various members of the GFE and I am happy to see them plus their extended family succeeding at doing what they love!

only thing is these blogs are written so well I don't know the true calling of the members, please tell me you guys got aspiring journalists for the AJC working your blogs so I don't hurt my brain trying to decide what is better the music or the alliterations !!! arrrrrrgggghhh