Friday, July 11, 2008

See Yous Toonightaauugghhh

This is it - the release show is upon us. The cars, vans, and other musical equipment transportation have been packed and we are ready to go. Expect a wild, amazing show with everything including the kitchen sink thrown in. If there is any Noot d' Noot show to see in 2008, this is the one.

Creative Loafing also thinks so.

So we'll see you at the EARL this evening, and bring your good vibes and make sure you let some sunshine into your life this Summer - too many clouds out there!

Word for today: callipygian
MEANING:adjective: Having well-shaped buttocks.
ETYMOLOGY:From Greek calli- (beautiful) + pyge (buttocks).
USAGE:“Those dusky Afro-Scandinavian buttocks, which combine the callipygian rondure observed among the races of the Dark Continent with the taut and noble musculature of sturdy Olaf, our blond Northern cousin”. Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow.

Jah Scorpion


philippine lotto said...

Kanami sang imo blog. Daw spaghetti.

James Joyce said...

This comment is total spam, but I love it anyhow - daw spaghetti!

Erika said...

The Whirlyball show was righteous! And it gave me the chance to buy Goofer Dust, which I am totally loving!!! Keep the blogosphere funky Noot! And keep spreading that goofer dust wherever you guys go!

James Joyce said...

Thanks Erika - except for me breaking Bimbi's guitar during Neighborhood Clucker, it was a blast. Hope to see you at Worming the Starhole 3 at Lennys - July 26th. Any requests you would like to make will be honored (hopefully)!

Erika said...

Oh I would love to hear Jiggle City and my absolute favorite song, Neighborhood Clucker! Alas, I'm not 21 and so cannot attend the Lenny's fete, but I will be grooving in spirit!

James Joyce said...

Hi Erika - I'm sorry about that, I was in the same place you are and missed many shows at the Point and the Cotton Club back in the day due to the same issue. We are trying to expand outside the rock club circuit more, so playing all-ages shows should be more common in the future. We will let everyone know our schedule through this blog, so hopefully we can get something lined up for early Autumn.