Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Duly Crib Noted

Somewhere between master of puppets and portishead's 3rd, the dust now rests of the shelves of your local camelot, turtles, and sam goody's.  Local music journalist Chad Radford recently conversed w/ several Noot's for a bloggins on Creative Loafing's Crib Notes.  Radford dug deep to find out why Noot has turned from its punk rock roots and begged the question, "Has Atlanta's garage rock scene reached critcal mass?"  Find out who's more punk here.

"In the United States it is called goofer dust and there is a great deal of laughter from educated people over it.  The idea of some old witch doctor going to a cemetery at dead of night to dig arm-length deep in a grave for dirt with which to harm and kill seems ridiculous.  Now, wait just a moment before you laugh too hard at this old hoodoo man or woman of magic.  Listen to some men of science on the same subject."- Zora Neal Hurston, from Tell My Horse

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