Thursday, July 17, 2008

Noot Schwag, Ephemera, and Paraphernalia

It appears that the Goofer Dust on 12" Vinyl arrived today at the residence of Mr. Troy Stains, CEO of International Hits Records. Street Release date is next Tuesday, July 22nd. Included in this package is a poster from devout Noot artist, Squanto b/w detailed liner notes by Noot archivist, Sgt. Gary Flowers, chronicling the origins of d' Noot. Also included is a digital backup of the album on a format known as "CD".  If you wanna get involved right now, the entire album is streaming off the International Hits blog waiting to pleasure your tympanic cavity.

Got some T-shirts in as well, featuring the logo forged by A-town street disciple, Born.  Incidentally, Born is the mastermind behind the artwork that Mr. Troy Stains used  for graphic inspiration while laying out the cover of Goofer Dust. Thanks to all those who came out this weekend to the EARL for the CD release show. We hope all can join us for the proper unleashing of the vinyl at the third installment of Worming The Starhole, July 26th w/ Judi Chicago and The Spencer Garn Quartet.

On another note, you might enjoy investigating our kindred spirit, Mr. Chris Cunningham, and his collection of strange tales from this animal life. Check and see what he's got growing in his garden Upright Against The Savage Heavens.  Here you will find the wisdom of a true freak we are lucky to have walk amongst us.

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christopher cunningham said...

thanks for the mention. long live the noot.

I am honored to be like dark matter, almost invisibly and imperceptibly affecting the strange time/space continuum being systematically violated by the mind churning funk created by the Cosmic Noot Force. to be the sparkle of goofer dust floating in the noonday sun slanting thru broken venetian blinds and pale cigarette smoke. to orbit the outskirts of their magical freak universe where angels, madmen and ladies named vagina dance.

jam on you magnificent motherfuckers.