Friday, June 4, 2010

Back In the A

Our Spacecraft reinterred the 285 troposphere about 7:45am Thurs morning bearing an extra passenger, Mr. Dookie Platters, who flew into Raleigh to play the last date and raise the morale of an exhausted 8 piece Noot just in time. Everyone was at home and in bed by 9am, with exception of our driver, Mr. Jah Scorpion, who went directly to teleworking and who flew out to Springfield, MO for a lab study early this morning. This is what you might call overachievement in efficiency and we tip our hat to the man who drove all but 1.8 miles in a 13 day 4350 mile journey. Now that we our safely on the ground and possess the intangible "free time," maybe we can begin to tell our tale.......

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