Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cannibals In The Mist, Halfway Thru the Trip

Lexington, Kentucky. 'bout halfway thru the trip, 4 encounters with the law, 2 tickets, 1 member down, 7 shows down, close to 2000 miles, and feeling good.  Couldn't be a nicer, more accommodating band to be out here with.  We were joined by BP Helium this evening as a stand-in stunt double known as "Mecha-Dookie Platters."

All the drives have been pretty epic so far, but we are about to hit the coast again, so hopefully more time to check in with blogs n' such.  Then we can fill you in on some stories such as leaving Denny's and having an offer made on Effectiv to a cat who "just got out of prison, and wants to be your friend....and if you need 'em I got some Cannibals in the Mist."  More later.

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