Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From Ever Since

July 23rd at the EARL, Noot d' Noot unleashes its 3rd album in 2 years, "From Ever Since." Engineered by Ed Rawls on 2" reels at The Living Room, the record is packed with many staples from the band's live sets such as "Balm Yard" and "Jack Move." Working in The Living Room allowed for a more focused studio effort, with all tracking being done between Feb 20-26th, Apr 1-7, and some other lost dates throughout April, with mixing taking place on May 9th-13, 17th and 18th 2010.

List Of Aux Sends:

1. Plate
2. Echoplex
3. RE-101
4. Leslie
5. Fairchild Spring Reverb
6. RE-201
7. Memory Man
8. Moog Analog Delay/Moog Freq Box/ Moog Low Pass Filter/ Mutron Phasor

Track Listing:

1. From Ever Since (Prologue)
2. Balm Yard
3. Take It Off
4. Light As A Feather
5. Jack Move
6. Know That Feelin'
Side 2
1. Super Double Buzz
2. The Tribes Hatchet
3. The Traveller
4. Machete
5. A Little Goes A Long Way

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