Thursday, April 16, 2009

woah chick woah chick woah.

April 18th, 2009, a wonderful time for weekly worship of Saturn, Sweet Peas. Services commence at 4 PM, live against the back wall of that seminal shop Criminal in celebration of all those who peddle and push sonic reproductions. Many of our and your close associates will be pumpin' up the jams all day and designer jeans will surely be half-off, if you catch my drift.
Launch forward to 8 or 9PM when the doors swing open at ye Smith's Olde Bar with y'all's truly opening for lyrical assailants Collective Efforts. Baby, it's you.
Close out your evening with some old fashioned Science Fiction in the Cafe at MJQ. The dranks are heavy and the turntables get wobbly, but do not fall. We like to start songs right about where the bass kicks in and end them just before the fade out, so if you like to mash it up, but not necessarily mash-ups, this is your type of party. Most of this weekend's playlist was written by none other than Vettius Valens hisself. Free passes to get in, just holler via


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Vid clip of you guys at Criminal Records for Record Store Day, 4-18-09:

Was great! Crowd sure loves Noot 'd Noot.

James Joyce said...

Thanks Grayson! Glad you enjoyed the performance.