Monday, April 13, 2009

Shakedown Records Revival

Cheers everybody.  This is Bohannon aka Belmont aka "Bananas" Foster signing into the Noot blog for the first time.  Way way back in the day, I brought synthesizers, 4 String SG's, a camera, and brownies to these Noot boys jams.  Back in the days when they called themselves Seventy Spacebird and Beale Street Green, before finally settling into the name Good Friday Experiment for the better half of a decade.  We put together a handful of releases on Shakedown Records, and its time to revive this moniker.

Over the next few months, we hope to digitally reissue some of the early Shakedown releases which are experiencing their tenth anniversary.  We will do so here on the Noot blog, so as to consolidate our innanet affairs.

The real news is, a vinyl release is on the way from the newly revived Shakedown.  Noot has submitted their new works. Originally conceived as a 12" single for their live set standard "Fingers Like Steeples," the record has grown into 30 minutes of club banging mayhem.

That's right, "Cash For Gold" is in B'more as we speak.  Test pressings are being cut.  Tue, June 16th is the street date and the record release show is going to be at the Earl on Sat June 20th.  Ile' Tambor will call the spirits and the list of A-town DJ's is narsty:

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