Friday, April 3, 2009

House Of The Drum

We don't call him Skins for nothin'.  Aside from all the patterns woven across Noot music and leading his own group Ile' Tambor, Skins Malone custom crafts his own drums.  Drums from all over the world and drums in all sizes.  Seems as of late he's been hangin' with the houngans and churning out quite a few
new instruments.  To your left you may be witnessing the world's smallest functioning conga drum, complete with goatskin head.  Above a handpainted shaker.  On the right, a set of large wooden bongos roped tuned with African cow skin heads.  And below, a traditional style Japanese Chu-Daiko Drum.  Skins made this taiko drum from French Oak with two cow skin heads that are securely fastened with a double row of 3/4" black nails.  Can you imagine the nasty bass tones that emanate from this drum?  Skins has set up an online shop where you can find these one of kind elegantly crafted pieces.  Check out his Online Store.

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Anonymous said...

Holy fucking Santo Domingo!

We should all collaborate so much more deeply, you Noots and I.

I love all of your asses!