Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet Thangs

bout 1970 or 71, Ginger Baker took a land rover from the Mediterranean down thru the Sahara Desert into Nigeria just to hang out with Fela and soak in some Yoruba rhythms. Along the way, he came across some very interesting local musicians and up and coming afro-beat groups. The Lijadu Sisters make an appearance as well as Segun Bucknor, whose live set featured here is unlike any of his available recordings. Baker got some pretty amazing footage of Bucknor's group which comes across as thrash-metal afro-beat in these clips, propelled by the mad abandon of his dance troup, The Sweet Things. This brings up an interesting point to all the haters who wanna know why Efectiv doesn't sing every song in a Noot set. Did it ever occur that you've missed the point?

it may even be sweeter in 6/ for efectiv, you'll be able to hear more from them when their debut single drops this fall on Solutionist.

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