Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blue Steez

A brief lil' photo diary of our recent tour up the East Coast, from the eye of Dookie Platters: Blue Steel, the lovely ship that sailed us up I-95, came well equipped. Much like the on-stage synth console piloted by Dream Sanitation, this van's dash contained many of Noot d' Noot's vital supplies: fresh fruit, duct tape, Emergen-C, stacks of cash, lighters, and multiple cassette tapes.

Efectiv all smiles after smashing one of our many on-board freestyle battles. Blue Steel Airways provides many wonderful amenities, and insane lyricism is only the tip of the iceberg. Arriving in New York, bumpin' "Jiggle City", and geeked up on adrenalin. All of this faded pretty quickly as we exited the Holland Tunnel and realized what navigating a 16-passenger van through the Big Apple was all about.
Two shows down, some of our boys share a gangster lean against B'more bricks.

Crab Louie and Skins look a little out of place in the sports bar. But hey man, Noot d' noot is a squad of versatile motherfuckers.
A pre-show run to the liquor store led Dookie and Dream Sanitation straight into Baltimore's Red Light District. Never dissuaded, the brothers emerged unscathed, bottle in hand, and even got a chance to document things from their own syrup-induced point of view.

If you want pictures of the shows, I'm sorry, most of us were a little busy up on stage and couldn't stop for snapshots. But be on the lookout for more Noot d' noot adventures above the Mason-Dixon.

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