Thursday, September 25, 2008

My White Sugar Bicycle

For our first installation of free out and alt takes from the Goofer Dust LP, we'd like to present the demo version of Sugar Bicycle.  Collaborating is one of Noot's favorite pastimes, and we were enthralled to have Jason Dean and The Options come thru and bless this track.  This is the demo we gave Jason to work out some vocal ideas.  So here you have a stereo mix out of the MPC into garageband with a coupla passes by Dream Sanitation on the SH-101.

Strangely, there is a clarity to this demo and a little more bass response than on the album.  The reason being, at the time the album was mixed and mastered (spring '07), only one company was making analog tape.  So at this time Noot would like to extend a two finger salute to the one and only RMG International, responsible for more tape shedding than any other analog tape manufacturer in history.  Your bullshit product has the noisefloor on two of the songs we mixed to your tape well above every other sound in the song.  Due to our label's incredibly small budget, we were not able to remix these tracks.  But you know, what's done is done, and we on to the next song anyhow.  Please learn from Noot's mistakes and do not purchase RMG tape.  You now have an option, and ATR is the way to go.

Without further ado, take a ride on the Sugar Bicycle.  And be sure to check out the incendiary debut single by Jason Dean and the Options available on Solutionist Records now!

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