Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You never get to say goodbye

As many of you have probably heard, Jerry Fuchs passed away yesterday. It is not my intention to use this forum to discuss the tragedy specifically, but instead put some thoughts down about Jerry and his life and talent. I really encourage all of you to do the same, in whatever way you decide to do it. He made an impact on all of us, whether it was personal or through his music. I would not have considered our friendship to be close by any means, but based on how I feel I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for his family, friends and bandmates and the grief they are experiencing. For everyone out there going through this, you have my condolences and utmost sympathy.

To put it in simple terms, Jerry was the drummer that I always wanted to be. He had an amazing natural style that you can’t acquire, and he worked hard to take that talent to an extraordinarily high level. He was the master of his trade. Along with his unbelievable musical ability, he had such a vibrant personality and an energy that was an inspiration to us all. He was living his dream as a professional drummer, which could have been perceived by most as a truly difficult road to take, but he always put it in terms that made it sound like such an adventure. He was doing exactly what he wanted to do, and we were the ones lucky enough to be his audience. We should have had a lifetime of experiences, but instead all we have are a stack of records and some video clips. It’s nothing. We will never experience his love of life, his intensity, his humor again.

That’s all I think I can say for now.

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