Monday, November 30, 2009

Opium Truce

Don't mind the cold stares and snickers. It's just upwards of 20 Georgia longhairs walkin' into the Love's on a pit stop in between adventures.  Bob Seger didn't have it half as bad.
The Star Bar's stage'll be packed to the gills once again on FRIDAY DEC 4th, as Athens' DARK MEAT and Atlanta's NOOT d' NOOT rump sh...18"s of Dubwise Thundar!!!

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Gray said...

Needless to say, Ramblin Man is a colossal fucking jam. It is magnificent!
Noot was/is looking for covers for the New Years eve show, and I think you would be remiss not to include a rendition of this scorcher in your set.
Hell, I might could convince Sgt. Gary Flowers (ret.) to throw in some backing vokills if the occasion is right.