Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Profile: Spotlight on Dr. Kinje

First chair of the Noot horn section, musical director, preacher to the choir and king of fiyah, this M.D. makes house party calls, and lets face it, there's a 1 in 4 chance he's bedded down with your lady. I don't say that to upset you, or cast dispersions on your current relationship, but more as a reminder to wash your hands.  The doctor is dirty.
To watch the Dr.'s musical development is an amazing journey into the roots of Noot.  Let us first ponder the 1994 beer olympics in NYC, where we find the young med student piloting his first ensemble, Habeas Corpses......

Just two years later, the doc was getting his masters with The Purkinje Shift, quite possibly the most precise hour of music to be found in A-town in the late 90's/early 00's.  Nah, definitely. Somewhere along the way, Kinje learned to play saxophone, lending a reed to countless beatmakers and ensembles across the land...and he would like to lend something to you, a mix heady enough for you to use while working thru the cosmic equation.  Whatever your prodigious conundrum, Dr. Kinje has the cure...

"Dinosaurs Lament" - African Head Charge
"Infogee Dub" - Fieldwork
"Bush Baby" - Arthur Blythe
"Mama Too Tight" - Archie Shepp
"Transmit Regardless" -David Tom's Prezens
"Headlong" - Fieldwork
"JJ" - Fly
"Contort Yourself" - James Chance

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Stonehenge said...

That video is excellent.

I'll say it again: Noot is like a Cyclorama of underground music.

You just have to stand at the front of the stage and slowly revolve from left to right.