Saturday, August 30, 2008

listening to miles...

miles davis music is the sound of rain at night. trees silhouetted in the winter moonlight. a dog barking in the distance. glittering silence. golden pauses. the held breath of the sun as clouds pass over. cool water against dry skin. smoke curling from a red glass ashtray into a dim room. a car horn outside. suspicions about the nature of the soul. addiction and the face of darkness. descent and despair and redemption.

it's about a particular note and its exact placement in space. dark matter. gravity. the heavy weightlessness of the truth being translated thru a trumpet. all the possibilities contained within one man. the edges of the universe and how to walk upon them.

it's the sound of emptiness dancing. a conversation between human beings on one small shard of bright blue rock hurtling towards our collective ends with a smile on our faces. and up ahead, we glimpse a razor blade and a prayer. a sketch of someplace we've never been, but return to always.

one magic horn with an infinite voice singing.

more later...

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