Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Roots of Noot

Dream Sanitation with Ed Rawls at the Living Room circa 1998.

Here is a collection of sorts from previous bands that members of Noot have played in over the years. For more music and details, please check out my other blog - Beyond Failure, as well as Dr. Kinje's blog - Master of None. The links to these blogs are on your right.

Now let's get down to the music.

Here is the link for download, in MP3 and M4A format:

1. Sonn Av Krusher - The Widower (2007): This is a band that I currently play drums in, along with Sgt. Gary Flowers and Matt Mauldin. This was recorded at the Living Room in July for our 2007 demo tape.

2. Good Friday Experiment - The Returner (2006): Long-time supergroup including Crab Louie, Dream Sanitation, Bimbi Smoofus Thomas and Ed Rawls. I have also filled in from time to time and Mr. Craig Lee Dempsey made some excellent guitar contributions as well. They released 3 albums on Shakedown Records over the years.

3. Seventy Spacebird - Hottentot (1999): From the epic 1999 Living Room sessions, this band included myself, Dream Sanitation, Crab Louie, Bimbi Smoofus Thomas, Ed Rawls, Marus Welby Lowe (Farmer Lakemonster), and Dr. Kinje as well as Aaron from Ocelot and Mr. Craig Lee Dempsey (guitarist extraordinaire).

4. Chocolate Kiss - Saturday Nite Party (1999): Here was a band I played guitar for in the late 90's - early 00's, along with Matt Mauldin, Bob Rob Medina, and Kip Thomas. We made 4 albums on the Moodswing Records label.

5. Ultivac - Trash (1999): This was a project back when Retconned lived in Brooklyn. It features Retconned on ASR-X and vokills, myself on Drums and Benjamin Britton on Bass Guitar. We released one album on Buddy System records.

6. The Purkinje Shift - Clint (1997): This is an earlier band from Dr. Kinje, and was the most precise live band I have ever seen in my life. They released two albums on Samizdat records.

7. The hal al Shedad - Poisoned (1997): Here was band I played drums with in my college years. Ed Rawls was on guitar and Benjamin Britton on bass. We released two albums and many singles which are collected on a compilation CD that you can get through Stickfigure Records.

8. Car Vs. Driver - Without a Day (1994): Another band where I played the drums, this included Matt Mauldin on vokills with Steve "bring out the Navy" Wishart and Jon "uber positive" Rothman on the strings. We released two albums and many singles which are collected on a discography available through Stickfigure Records.

9. Midget Farmers - Lame World (1994): My first band. I am on the drums, Claus Wiener is on guitar and Eric Fickes rounds out the bass and vokill duties. We released two singles and one tape, which I have compiled onto a CD and can be downloaded on the Beyond Failure blog.


Gray said...

post the whole Seventy Spacebird session!

James Joyce said...

Sounds good - maybe I'll do that next. Can I get a fresh copy of the Regicide demo for the Beyond Failure blog?