Saturday, July 7, 2012

Come Let Your Balls Swang

Seriously.  Blowfly is damn nasty.  Remember when you left your 2 Live Crew in the tape deck and your mom pressed play?  Or that time she threw out your Pearl Jam CD 'cause Eddie Vedder says the f-word?  I imagine if she'd caught you listening to Blowfly, everything else would indeed be a harmless little fuck.  She'd be through the roof!  But when the smoke cleared, she'd be gettin' down to one of the most gettin'-downest motherfuckers in the get-down.  In the 60s and 70s, Blowfly was recording funky party music as Clarence Reid, writing million-sellers for R&B's superstars, and dickin' around afterhours singing hyper-sexual parody versions of the hits of the day.  Pretty soon, he realized that when it all boils down, the world needed somebody willing to stop singing about romance, and start singing about ass.  Thank the Lord for that. 

Come check out the legendary Blowfly and his band, as well as your personal party pilots Noot d' noot and the Fantastic 4-Ize.  Bring your ass down to 529 in East Atlanta Saturday, July 14.