Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pilgrimage to High Pass Junction

Every few months, Belmont "Bananas" Foster and his right hand man Ake throw parties out in the desert outside San Diego under the moniker Borrego Mi Diego. This time it was held on the Mexican border at a place called High Pass Junction, and your favorite tamborine/theremin player Jah Scorpion was able to fly out for the festivities. It is important to note the man in the center of the picture above is T-Bone, the caretaker of the property and a glorious man of wisdom. Check out some of his musings below:

T-Bone's House - and his flags - and his guns (off camera).
Next to the property was an abandoned Zendik squat, Church, VA Hall and sometimes Border Patrol storage facility. I was confronted several times by several of our green friends cruising around on four-wheelers, but never had any trouble.
There is definitely a "Hills Have Eyes" vibe about the place.
On the day of festivities, a lamb was roasted for shawarma.
The general store sold coolers full of Jagermeister, which for some reason they called Jagermeifter. That $119.99 deal looks good to me.
Stuart owned the property, and had many a story to tell.

Some local kids played their first show, singing songs about loving their dog and hating everyone else. Rember those times?The bands played on a rock outcropping, which gave it a heavy sound that carried for miles.
Good times at High Pass Junction.
We even drained the pool for some additional entertainment.
And the lamb was ravaged.
As the sun went down, the party intensified.
The going got weird, but never weird enough.

Thanks Bananas and Ake for their hospitality, and we hope to get out there (or get you out here) very soon.

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