Saturday, February 6, 2010


Noot d' noot's very own Bimbi Garraux (performing as Mathis Hunter) has finished recording your 2010 psyche-rock opus, just in case you were wondering where it was. Check out the poster/album cover by Squanto (what a babe!) and be at the EARL March 5th for a helluva time.

Rumor has it Petrichor Inc is putting the final touches on the video for the album's lead single, Gathering the Hopeful Gamblers. Even more rumors have it that Stephen Key, head animator at Petrichor, will be celebrating 30 years on this blue marble come March 5th. Get got damn down!

Sincerely Yours-
Dookie Platters the Boots Knockin Panty Dropper.

Oh, here's some more press I wrote if you like reading...

Atlanta musician, art historian, and purveyor of fine goods Mathis Hunter(born Bimbi Garraux) has put together a solo record that may just surprise you. Sure, you were around for Seventy Spacebird, all the way until the Good Friday Experiment shot through your brain like the bottom of a pail breaking through. You watched him sit in the studio and on stage for a stint with the Selmanaires. These days, you've been known to drop your inhibitions (and your pants) at a Noot d' noot show or two. But this here SOFT OPENING record delves into that cannibinoid-infused corner of your psyche that you forgot existed.

Come on out to the EARL and witness this briskness while your lady gets freaky on the dancefloor. Mathis Hunter performs tracks from his solo effort, SOFT OPENING (Shakedown Records), alongside a grip of Atlanta's familiar rock n roll melted faces.

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