Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Bananas Foster

Jah Scorpion would like to send some special birthday wishes today to Belmont "Bananas" Foster, our spiritual adviser and Shakedown Records label magnate. We hope this message finds you well.

"Do they ask me what pleasure I find on the sea? -
Why, absence from land is a pleasure to me:
A hamper of porter, and plenty of grog,
A friend, when too sleepy, to give me a jog,
A coop that will always some poultry afford,
Some bottles of gin, and no parson on board,
A crew that is brisk when it happens to blow,
One compass on deck and another below,
A girl, with more sense than the girl at the head,
To read me a novel, or make up me bed --
The man that has these, has a treasure in store
That millions possess not who live upon shore."

1 comment:

Bimbi Garraux said...

Nappy Earthday BF!!!!!!