Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This past weekend, under direct orders from Sgt. Flowers himself, The Noot Squad performed their sworn duties in the missing man formation for both Dream Sanitation and Chappy. It seems DS has been up to his eyeballs in what the French refer to as "Le Bullshit" these last couple of weeks. Whether it be big bossman, johnny lawcakes, or the Slumlord who just doesn't care, my man can't catch a break. And to top it all off, he and the missus are furiously readying Sanitation Manor for the arrival of their first born son Damo Zawinul Dinger. (Real name withheld for security purposes). What's remarkable however, is that all the while the Dream has maintained his sense of humor, style, and timing with his guns up and his ho's down. To this I raise a glass and offer a toast: Here's to some future shit, spaceman...we love you guys.
p.s. You wouldn't believe how many conversations with Dream Sanitation go exactly like this.


Gray said...

i was wondering when d.r.i. would make an appearance on this blog.


Dook Platypus said...

I've been waitin' for that video for a loooong time now. Soloin' in the shadows of the Utz chip factory.

Kinje1 said...

Dream makes music every minute of every day...even in a parking lot across from a b-more shanty town.