Monday, February 16, 2009

Noot Meat

This should be fun. After all, are there stranger bands in all of Georgia? And do we even need to mention the Brothers Funk again? Cozy Shawn and Brett Eclectic? Please join us Saturday at the Earl for a Hoodoo flavored set. Its the weekend before Mardi Gras and Dookie is headed back from the Crescent City. Feel Free to get you some advance tickets.

Other day, we got a microphone in front of Chris Cunningham. He's working on a letters on tape project with his friend Hosho. Chris then proceded to read some poems. Then we put some some june bugs on it. Then we pitched some 1/8th inch tape drones over it. He's got a little sample of it over here. You don't like poetry readings? I don't either, and for that matter neither does CC. That being said, this is something in and of itself. What's it sound like? A mind crumping sodomy, Revolution. Dig it.

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christopher cunningham said...

thanks for the good words, Mssr. Garraux. and my best to Le Sanitation d'Dream as well.

yes yes, this is the tip of the good shit iceberg kids. soon, me and them Nootsters will descend into that delicious pit of a studio and finish this Sound Project and issue a cd/book combo.

and who knows what else? gallery tours? art freakshows? genuine freakshows? with two headed snakes and bigfoot's mama?