Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Bring your ass to MJQ's Cafe for a Saturday night not soon to be forgotten, as we begin 2009 with a monthly series of soundclashes straight from our cerebrums down into your earhole. Dance music for people who dance selected by people who make dance music for people to dance to.


Gray said...

the beauty of this scheduling is that you can get to the Drunken Unicorn a little earlier and rock out with your cock (or vagina) out to the blistering rock of Sonn Av Krusher before dancing with your cock out (or vagina again) to the blistering pulsations of dem Noot Boyz.

that's a date night son!

Gray said...

wait a sec...that says january 17th...wrong saturday. this is not a noot av krusher double feature, the krusher is THIS saturday.

my bust.