Monday, December 8, 2008

Get Together

We here at the NootLab don't necessarily attach ourselves to any particular set of morals, but we really ain't with violence, abuse, and jack moves. So when we heard that our homies Chris Devoe and Rachael from Sopo Bikes were subjected to a recent home invasion, our mellow was more than a little harshed. Fortunately, everybody is still standing, the APD gumshoes are on the case, and once again the Atlanta music scene is ready to come together and stir up a benefit for this unfortunate set of events. The stick-up kids snatched up a good chunk of Chris' gear, and he won't be able to make beautiful albums like 2008's The Perception of Obstacles until he re-ups the studio.
This is where you, dear noot fan, step in. Show up this Thursday, Dec. 9th, to the Highland Inn (one of our favorite nightspots) for an evening packed full of fun for the greater good. Deejays, Noot d' noot, The Gaye Blades The Spooks, and maybe a couple more Atlanta troublemakers will all be performing, there will be door prizes and cheap drinks, and hopefully, we can move past all the pain without missing a beat.

1 comment:

rachael said...

i love me some noot. thanks, dooks.