Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Profile: Spotlight on The Brothers Funk

If you've ever caught a Noot d' Noot/Brothers Funk party, you already know.......But for those who haven't, its time to double your funk this halloween.  
Cats been holding down the Q since the late 90's, but you can find them anywhere from the Botanical Gardens to some true blue light house parties.  When we get together, doing our thang.....its a mother.
Brett Eclectic truly lives up to the name, pulling crazy 180's when you least expect it.  Man can read the crowd and find the song, believe it.  Dig  Brett Eclectic's Sure Shot 2: Stage Lights  mix for a serious dose of deep Electro-funk cuts.  And for those too young to remember when Mick Jagger teamed up with the're in for a state of shock.  Cozy Shawn maintains the cool that he has to maintain in order to share the funk with you.  He's been digging thru the fam's records since he was knee high and he will take you there.  Get Cozy and dig Cozy Shawn's Black Action Themes.
When Samhain arrives, won't you invoke the avatar and bloweth upon the cosmic strumpet with us? You owe yourself a choked-out friday nite, right?


Kinje Systems said...

This color scheme is totally fucking with the Doc's color blindness.

DJ said...

the Brett Eclectic link only points to a 9k file. is that download not available anymore??

Bimbi Garraux said...

zshare is Wack. I'll repost those links sometime this week using something more reliable.

Bimbi Garraux said...

mr dj, check the link now...should be good to go.