Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Danielle Steel of Psychedelic Funk - Live at Beep Beep Gallery 9/8/07

Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta hosted the Noot d' Noot 7" Release show (Jiggle City b/w Rah So) on September 8, 2007. DJ Dookie Platters (aka MC Eboli) was toasting as well as a special appearance by Effectiv on the mic and the Horn of Plenty. Three sets were presented that evening, but alas only the first made it onto disc. Regardless, the Noot was in full form and doing what they do best - sprinkling the Goofer Dust all over Beep Beep.

Best Line from Show:
"The sooner I can drain the water from this Egyptian sarcophagus, the sooner I can be in the van" - Dream Sanitation.

Set One Track List

1. Rah So

2. Go-Go Intro/Reminisce

3. Chille Filles

4. Congoman


Narnia said...

great show this weekend! i linked to this on my blog. come back to beep beep anytime!

James Joyce said...

Thanks! We will do that - I was talking to the guys about possibly a winter spectacular at Beep Beep (around Xmas time). I will post the first show at Beep Beep soon as well.